Beware of Impostors

We're actually quite flattered that so many people have decided to copy our designs and attempt to market our plans, frames, frame kits and welding jigs. There are now dozens of impostors out there on the web claiming to have the real goods for sale cheap but like everything else in life you'll get exactly what you pay for.

Some of these operations are even referring their customers back to us for technical advice claiming that they're selling our goods under 'license' or that they're 'dealers' which just isn't the case. Some operations have gone so far as to copy our web pages and include them on other sites hoping to look a little more authentic. Others have tried to capitalize on our business name adopting similar sounding URL's or using our address within their page descriptions trying to capture search engine traffic. Also beware of people sending you email claiming to be from the Chopper Builders Handbook since we don't do any type of email marketing and the email you get from me will have my name on it.

The people we trust and do business with will always be listed on our Links Page or we'll have links to their mail or site addresses somewhere within our own site. If you don't see the folks you're dealing with listed here then they are probably ripping us off and I doubt that they would hesitate to rip you off as well.

The amazing thing about rip-off operations is that they'll show you pictures of finished bikes on their sites but for some reason they'll always have an excuse why they can't show you frames in progress being built in 'their' jigs. They can't give you references to their past customers, their web sites have no technical articles at all and they can't answer your technical questions on the telephone, assuming of course that they post a phone number to begin with. One particular scam operation doesn't even have an email address on their site page and route all of their business correspondence through their ebay 'front' email address. My idea of a Chopper building website is a site that provides more than just one or two pages of fluff and a pitch to sell plans or jigs. We're in the business of building raw hardcore low-cost Choppers and we'll keep providing the info needed for people to get bikes rolling out of their garages whether or not they buy our plans or products.

We run an open and honest operation here at the Handbook. We post our names, address and phone number so you know who you're dealing with. We post a ton of completely free info at the site and we welcome honest competition providing original products and services. We promote the work of other small time operations and encourage all small fabrication shops to expand their operations and to create new and unique products which we'll be happy to advertise.

It doesn't hurt to shop around but if you want good quality products and services, or technical assistance, please come directly to us. Remember that we were the first, and I guarantee that we'll be the last.



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