Credits To Those Who Have Helped Build This Site

We express out deepest thanks to the following people who have helped in the development of this little web site and the many who have participated in contributing to the informational content of the articles contained herein and/or have supplied parts for our various projects. This list is by no means complete as there are literally hundreds of people who have helped us but the individuals listed here have gone over and beyond normal endeavors to keep us going over the years.

Ken Venus: (aka Blaksmith) Of Biker Radio Magazine fame, close friend and master builder.

Dan Woosley: (aka Budoka) Master builder and computer guru.

Chris Croft: (aka Krymis) College Prof and master fabricator.

Mark Foran: (aka Indian Mark) Master fabricator and bike builder.

John Stuart: (aka Hose Dragger) Master craftsman, designer, fabricator and builder.

Craig Irish: (aka Irish) Master builder and Porsche guru.

Glen Hughes: (aka Boner) Master builder.

Nick Stringer: (aka Sparks) Master fabricator

Scott Pennebaker: (aka Concrete Guy) Master fabricator.

Al Wilkerson: (aka Big Al) Bitter End Old School Chopper fame.

John Weerstra: Web site graphics and format designs.

Terry Goode: Web site graphics and format designs.

Mark Sweet: (aka Knuckle) Vast amounts of technical information. (He also builds Helicopters).

Dave Wenzel: Critical parts supplier par excellence.

Tom Tobey: Sportster development project co-partner. (Call him if you have a fire).

Brent Nootenboom: (aka Brentoxicated) WL Frame project co-partner.

Rocky: Indian Sport Scout Development Project co-partner (An Indian expert.)

Gonzo: A deep well of knowledge and a skilled craftsman (See our link page)

Scott Brayshaw: Graphics design and custom painting. (See our link page)


We also want to thank those professional builders and designers who have helped in our efforts to freely share information about building Choppers and these are:

Steve Spence: (aka Mechwerks) Steve has helped literally thousands of prospective builders without compensation and been an extremely active participant at several discussion boards over the years. We all appreciate that he shares his experience without expecting something in return which is what Chopper building is all about to begin with.

Big Daddy Al Wilkerson: of Bitter End Old School Choppers: When you call Al's shop you usually end up talking to the man himself and he is not selfish with his time. This is a builder who understands what building Choppers is all about and he appreciates where we're all coming from. When you need help with almost anything this is the guy to call first.

Chris Croft: (aka Krymis) Chris is the man to go to if you have any technical questions about Chopper history from a technological standpoint as he is the 'Smithsonian' of all things related to the development of Chopper hardware over the past five decades. I honestly suspect that some day he'll have his own museum.

Ed Roth: I can't really say much that hasn't already been said by others but this guy was one of a kind for sure and never hesitated to entertain punk kids with questions. He told me that "if you can imagine it, then you can build it". He was a master of the junkyard and turned trash into art. If anything was 'high-tech' he figured out a way to make it 'low-buck' so the average builder could do it at home and he told us how to do stuff in an easy to understand manner. He understood how to communicate with us home-builders. If you don't know about Ed Roth you're missing out on a huge slice of life.



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